Beginning SCUBA

So you want to learn to scuba dive…? 

We’ve been teaching SCUBA in the Triangle area for over 35 years and we believe in three essential things:
  1. There’s only 3 ways to learn to safely SCUBA dive: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE under the watchful eye of an experienced, patient and professional instructor.
  2. Owning your own diving equipment is essential to being able to maximize your enjoyment of the sport.
  3. This will be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you ever do.


  1. We offer customized individual or small group instruction ONLY. We truly believe that the more you practice, the more comfortable and competent you become, the better diver you will be.

You schedule your own pool training sessions, based on your availability, not ours, allowing you to get started as soon as you wish, maximize the convenience of your pool schedule, and enjoy one-on-one instruction (or small-group if you bring family or friends.)

You complete your academics on-line at your own convenience. In fact, you can get started right now at no obligation to you by completing this form and submitting it to us.

2. We provide FREE SCUBA lessons to students who purchase their total diving systems from us, because we sincerely believe having your own equipment is essential to becoming a truly competent diver:

You can maximize the comfort and fit of your equipment and select features that truly appeal to you.

You will master and trust your equipment so that you can fully enjoy your diving experience in safety and comfort.

You will always be ready for the next dive, instead of always having to arrange for rental equipment.

Purchasing diving equipment is your choice, not ours. We will still happily teach you safe SCUBA should you decide to use rental diving equipment. And further, we will make absolutely certain that you learn how to properly select,  inspect, adjust and operate rental equipment as a standard part of your course with us.

3. We run a full and comprehensive advanced training schedule and dive travel program to give you the full opportunity to make diving a lifetime adventure, thus assuring your initial investment in SCUBA is a great one.

Here are our standard course costs.

There are some reasonable prerequisites for enrolling in our scuba program:

  • You need to be 12 or older (10, if your parents are divers or are going to be learning with you).
  • You need to be in basic good health. You will be asked to complete this medical history form and may be directed to get your doctor’s approval if indicated by your history. (There are physician’s guidelines attached to the form if you want to consult with your MD.)
  • You need to be comfortable in water deeper than you are tall. Conditioning is transitory, but basic water comfort is essential to good diving.
  • You need to play well with others. Seriously – diving is a co-operative activity, rather than a competitive one. This is actually a very good thing because if you don’t have any witnesses, no one will believe the adventures you’re going to have…

TO GET STARTED, just give us a call to set up an orientation – 919-255-1931.

During the orientation we will:
  • Get you registered for your online academic program
  • Get your pool sessions set up and arrange for you to meet your instructor
  • Answer any further questions you may have about your training or anything else involving scuba

Here’s a full description of what you can expect once you’ve enrolled in one of our scuba programs.

To sign up for your life-altering, guaranteed-fun-and-exciting-or-all-your-money-back scuba course at Gypsy Divers, just give us a call – 919/255-1931.

We’re looking forward to it!