Beginning Scuba

The Open Water Course

The SSI Open Water Certification Course is what you need to begin your diving adventure! All of our open water courses are built on a custom schedule. Meaning, we work to fit your schedule.

This is your scuba journey. You take it as quickly or slowly as you wish, during the excitement of summer or the dead of winter, with several friends or flying solo. Whatever your preferences are, we’ll work to get you on the right path.

Everything we do is to get you as comfortable as possible underwater.

100% Refundable

No matter the reason, no matter how much equipment you’ve gotten, if you don’t like diving, we’ll refund everything!

We understand this is completely new to you. We’re here to guide you into the best equipment and comfortably lead you through the training.

The Free Lesson Program

Purchase your dive equipment with us and we’ll refund your pool and certification dives.

We know it seems like a large jump to invest in a whole dive system for a sport that’s new to you. To reiterate, everything we do is to get you as comfortable as possible underwater! Training in the equipment you’ll be diving in means you become experienced with that set. You’ll ensure that each time you dive from here on out, you know what you’re diving on.

This program is still 100% refundable. If you buy your equipment and don’t like diving, just return everything. This doesn’t happen often, but we like for those signing up to have the comfort of knowing this option is there.

The total dive system includes your: mask, snorkel, fins, booties, full-body wetsuit, BCD, dive computer, and regulator (including: 1st stage, 2nd stage primary, and alternate air source)

The Course

The course consists of three main parts. First is the at-home study material provided through Scuba Schools International, SSI’s, online platform and app. Second is the pool training sessions. These are normally done in 4 4-hour sessions that include both classroom and pool time spent with the instructor. Finally, we have the certification dives which are another 2 4-hour sessions where your instructor tests your practiced skills!

The Price

Total: $670

  • Scuba Pool Training Tuition (4 sessions): $320
  • Scuba Certification Dive Tuition: $200
  • Online Training Materials: $150
  • (Optional) Nitrox Certification: $120

The Requirements

Before class starts, you need to have your own personal snorkeling equipment, including mask, fins, booties, and snorkel. You can purchase this when you sign up for classes or show up 30-60 minutes early to your first class.

You also need to have a completed copy of your Medical History Form. Please read through the instructions to see if you need a physician to sign off before you can begin diving.

The Certification Dives

Our certification dives normally happen at Fantasy Lake in Rolesville, NC. This flooded quarry has been transformed into a scuba park, full of interesting underwater treasures! Students are able to swim over planes, a rock crusher, and automobiles.

If the weather isn’t warm enough for the quarry, we also offer spring trips down to Florida Springs where students get certified in Devil’s Den and Rainbow River.

Welcome Aboard!

To learn more about the first day and our local certification dives, including lists and instructions for how to prepare for both, please check out our welcome guide!

Get Started Now!

If you’re interested in getting Open Water certified, come on in or give us a call! We love to walk our new students through the building to show them where they’ll be training and fully explain each step of the process. While you’re here we’ll talk about your general availability and get you registered for your digital learning material. This is also a great time to sit down and try on your mask, fins, and boots!

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Want to try it at home?

Get the first three sections of your digital material for free!

If you want a taste of what the course is like, start with the digital material! Fill out your information below, and in a few days, you should get an automated email from Scuba Schools International, SSI, instructing you to log in.

Try Scuba

If you want a little bit more, but not quite sure this is right for you, we offer these 1-lesson courses as a brief taste. It is essentially the first lesson of the Open Water Course and allows you to experience what breathing underwater is actually like!

Contact us to set up your custom Try Scuba!