Scuba Training


Whether you are a seasoned pro or an interested land lover, we got you covered. Our training programs run from your first breath underwater to your life as a dive professional. We truly believe the best way to become a skilled diver is to practice and keep learning, and we offer several opportunities for you to do so! If you prefer to practice in a saltier location, check out our trips!

The Open Water Certification

This is the first certification you’ll get. With this certification, you’ll be able to travel the world and visit coral reefs, wrecks, or just swim alongside the fish. All our open water courses are set up on a customized schedule and designed to be between you, or your family, and your instructor. You tell us when you’re available and we’ll match you up with an instructor that can do it.

Our Free Lesson Program

We also fully believe in training in your own equipment, so much so that we’ll give you the lessons if you buy your equipment with us! This way you’ll get to learn in the equipment you’ll be diving in for years to come. If you want to try something different during class, our store is beside the pool and ready to swap out anything for you to use during class.

Try it out now!

Get the first three sections of the digital material free!

All of our training material is digital and online. You can access it from your computer or through SSI’s downloadable app.

Dust off those skills

We’re here to help you get you back in the water! Our custom refresher classes are built around your needs and your upcoming dives. This is a great time to talk through new equipment with your dive instructor and cover your yearly diving requirements many resorts look for.

Going further

If you’re looking to improve your skills beyond your Open Water certification, we have several specialties to choose from. You can then take it one step further and become a leader in the dive world!