Scuba Medical History Form

In order to take any of our courses or dive in most locations, you’ll need to have a current Medical Form completed within the year. Your instructor will take this form from you in class and upload it to your SSI profile for you.

Please follow the instructions on the page. You only need a physician to sign off if you answered YES to a question with an asterisks *. These include questions 3, 5, and 10 on page 1, then all the questions on page 2. Otherwise, you’ll only need your own signature.

If you plan to dive frequently and need a physician sign off, some people make a habit of bringing it in during their yearly physical.

This form needs to be downloaded, filled out, and turned into your dive instructor. We accept digital and physical copies. If your physician needs guidance on the particular effects diving will have on you, they can read SSI’s Diving Medical Guidance to the Physician.