Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for enrolling in our beginning SCUBA program.

It is our full expectation that you will have a truly enjoyable time learning to dive, and that this is the beginning of a lifetime of diving adventure for you. Here’s a review of the costs associated with learning to dive.

We encourage you to come in to the shop at your earliest convenience to let us welcome you to the SCUBA community. We’ll go over all of the information listed below, and make absolutely certain you are fully prepared to begin your new life adventure.

If your life schedule precludes your being able to stop in before your class starts, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 255-1931 so that we can get you registered for your home study program and make sure you’re fully informed about the class you’ve enrolled in.

Here’s what we’ll cover when you stop in:

  • You will complete the medical history aspect of your SCUBA student folder. Here’s a link to it so that you can look it over. If you must answer “yes” to any of the questions, you may need a doctor’s approval prior to starting your class. You’ll note that the medical statement also includes physician’s guidelines that you can take to your doctor.
  • We will enroll you into your on-line study program. Please note that you will need to complete at least the first three chapters (out of six total), including the study questions at the end of each chapter by the first night of class.
  • We’ll set up your pool training schedule based on your availability and select your instructor based on that schedule.
  • You may select your personal snorkeling system. You’ll need to have your own mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. (We will provide all of the SCUBA equipment as part of your program.) We have a lot of great snorkeling equipment in stock and we offer advantageous pricing to our SCUBA students. Please note that if you already have your own snorkeling system, you may want to bring it in at this time so we can make sure it is appropriate for your SCUBA course.
  • You may also wish to talk to us about our Free SCUBA certification program. If you opt for this, the orientation is a great place to start the process of assembling your total dive system.

Here’s What to Expect When Your Class Starts:

Bring these items to your first class:

  • Your swimsuit and towel.
  • Your personal snorkeling system.
  • Your completed Medical Waiver signed by your doctor, if so indicated by your health history form.

(Please note: If you’ve opted to participate in our free SCUBA lesson program, we’ll have your Total Dive System waiting when you arrive.)

Here’s what will happen during your first class:

  • You will start with a brief classroom session. Because you’ve done your on-line homework, there will be no need to lecture to you extensively before getting in the water. Your instructor will introduce himself/herself, will thoroughly explain the learning program to you, and will make sure you fully understand the risk involved in learning to SCUBA dive. Then you’ll head for the pool. We love our pool. It’s clean, clear, and 87 degrees, so you will be comfortable in your swimsuit.
  • You WILL do a quick swim evaluation. You’ll complete an untimed swim of 200 yards, using whatever stroke you like best. Then you’ll do a 10-minute float/tread.
  • You WILL go SCUBA diving! Hey – that’s what you’re here for, right? You can only learn to dive by going diving… and it is an incredible experience!

And then you’ll come back for more fun pool sessions, with each session building on to the skills learned in the prior session – and you will become more and more proficient with your SCUBA skills, and then it will be time for:

Your Certification Dives:

The final part of your SCUBA course will be your Open Water Certification Dives. This is a two-day process in which you complete five dives with your instructor and absolutely assure yourself (and your instructor) that you can comfortably and competently perform all of the skills that a diver should be able to do to stay safe.

We routinely offer this training year-round, both on a individual custom schedule and in small groups, or you may choose to get a referral from us so that you can complete your certification dives elsewhere. It’s up to you. Please advise us ASAP if you’d like a referral. We’d like contact information for the facility that will complete your training so that we can make sure your referral experience is problem free. We do charge a $30 referral fee.

If you choose to complete your certification dives with us (and we hope you will), please know that if you want to get them done quickly, it might be a good idea to get them scheduled immediately. But you may also choose to consult with your pool training instructor first.

And that’s it! – you’ll soon be a fully-certified SCUBA diver and will be for the rest of your life. It’s going to be a pleasure getting to know you and we hope you enjoy the same level of excitement and adventure that has been part of our community for years and years.


~ Your friends and future dive buddies at Gypsy Divers