Scuba Refresher Programs

Our Refresher Program

This 1-session meeting is a great way to remove the rust off your dive skills. If it’s been longer than a year since your last dive, we recommend hopping in with us for a few hours!  It doesn’t matter the training agency you got certified with, we’ll get you shaped up before your next trip!

Tuition: $120 per person
If you want to sign up as a group of 3 or more, it is $100 per person.

Custom Built

Our refresher courses are offered on a custom schedule. You tell us what you need and when and we find you an instructor! This means these sessions can be used to also try new equipment or practice specific skills you will need. No matter your needs, these sessions involve a little bit of classroom work to make sure you’re still studied up on the basics. Then, a splash in our wonderfully warm and clear on-site pool!

You don’t need your own scuba equipment; however, you do need your own personal snorkeling equipment.

Scuba equipment equipment rentals during refreshers are $20.

Packing list for your refresher