Gypsy Gift Certificate Request Form

Gift Certificate Order

  • This is easy. All you have to do is fill out all the requested information and hit the submit button. We will keep you in the loop as we process your request and we guarantee we will make certain the gift certificate is either in the hands or the email in-box of the recipient on or by the date you have requested. Thanks so much for your business and your trust.
  • We will not ask you to provide your credit card information with this form. Rather, we will request a phone number at which we can reach you to get the number the old-fashioned way. Please feel free to call us first, if you'd like. Our number is 919-255-1931. This will be especially helpful if you are looking to purchase a specific gift item rather than a standard cash certificate, so we can make certain we fully understand your request.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATE DELIVERY DATE - please choose ONE option:

    We can only guarantee this with email. Please choose either the date by which you'd like the recipient to have the certification delivered or (If it's a birthday or some special occasion) the day ON WHICH you want to gift certificate emailed to the recipient.
  • What is this Gift Certificate for?

    Again - please choose ONE of the choices below; the certificate is either for a cash amount, or for something specific like SCUBA lessons, equipment or a dive trip.
  • If this is your choice, you can tell us whether you want to make a full or partial payment when we call you to get your credit card information.
  • Your Contact Information:

  • So we can call you to get your credit card information.
  • We will call you shortly. Depending on what you're trying to order, we've found that a quick phone call gives us both a chance to make sure we get this gift exactly right for you.