Staff photo of Simon


As far back as I can remember, I have always loved the water and cannot remember when I learned to swim. I spent many hours swimming, diving to the bottom of the deep ends, seeing how long I could hold my breath underwater and never wanting to come up for air. A Try SCUBA class in 2011 instantly transported me back to those childhood memories and sparked a dormant passion for the water but this time I really didn’t need to come up for air. Over the years I increased my experience and comfort level, accumulating (too much) dive gear, traveled to some amazing places and have met tons of interesting people who share the same passion for adventure.

Simon is one of our instructors and teaches a lot of our scuba skill updates and try scubas.

His ancestors were fishermen and seamen from Britain, where the sea was ever-present and never more than 70 miles away. This love of the water runs in his blood and brought him here to Gypsy Divers! He became a dive professional in 2016 and loves teaching classes that spark a new or dormant passion for diving with people of various ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. His favorite places to dive are wrecks, like off the NC coast or Chuuk Lagoon, especially if there are a lot of sharks!

When he’s not diving, he works in the IT industry, plays soccer, and loves spending time with his wife and daughter.