Staff photo of Dennis

Dennis Z

Instructor. Trip Leader.

Teaching at Gypsy gives me the opportunity to share my joy of diving with a wide variety of people; 20 to 30-somethings starting out on new adventures after starting their first jobs, 60-somethings looking for new adventures in retirement, parents and children learning to dive together for family vacations. My reward is getting the reports from their adventures or seeing their first ocean dives!

Dennis Zullig is one of our daytime dive instructors and trip leaders! His diving career started later in life as a Christmas gift from his daughter. Then, with her insistence, they became master divers in their first year, then dive con’s the second, and finally instructors! Now, it’s his retirement gig! As our retired trip leader, he gets to enjoy several trips a year from Key Largo to Komodo Islands, and all the way to Truk Lagoon!

In his free time, he enjoys bicycling, hanging out with his granddaughter, and telling stories. You might just hear a few about diving, his grandbaby, or both in class with him!