The beat goes on – an exciting change of ownership at Gypsy Divers

The beat goes on…

Dave and Margie have sold Gypsy Divers to Billy Harloff and
On Saturday, January 26, from 5 until 7 PM at Gypsy.

Details Below.

(Billy on the left, then Shane, Lauryn, and Evan from AirTech and Judy from the Gypsy Swim School, then Margie and Dave)

Dave and Margie writing this: After 30-plus years of being in the business of retailing aquatic adventures, we have been fortunate enough to encounter a young man who shares our vision and our joy in what we do. And… he’s got the energy of YOUTH on his side!  So we took a vote and decided unanimously to sell him the business.  He graciously accepted. We have no doubts that Billy will continue anything we’ve done right in our business and he will work diligently to improve those things we could have done better. And the dive community in the Triangle will be all the better for it.

And none of this could have occurred without the wonderful support of all y’all.

So PLEASE come to Gypsy on Saturday, January 26, and allow us to thank you for your friendship and support since 1984, when the sign in the picture above was made.  We’ll toast the years of adventure behind us, and also the anticipation of wonderful adventures ahead.

The celebration will run from 5 until 7pm