Staff photo of Randy


Trip Leader. Instructor.

I might have more fun during our classes than you do. Teaching gives me a way to learn even more about diving. Each student helps me learn something new.

After growing up watching Cousteau and shark movies, Randy had always wanted to dive but thought his fear of sharks would hold him back. Luckily, his fiancé helped him face his fears when they decided to learn how to dive for their honeymoon. 10 years later, not only do they both still enjoy diving, they lead trips to see those misunderstood sharks!

Randy decided to take things a bit further, gathering up his extra classes and certifications until he discovered teaching diving is almost more fun than diving itself! He’s currently one of our nighttime and weekend open water and specialty instructors. He’s also our leadership instructor, teaching our future instructors the gypsy way!

In his free time, he is busy with two young boys, one of which has recently become a certified Scuba Ranger!