Scuba Ranger Program

Course Options:

Group Scheduled Pool Sessions

None currently on the books. If you’re interested, please let us know!


YOU SCHEDULE YOUR OWN POOL SESSIONS, based on your availability, not ours, allowing you to get started as soon as you wish, maximize the convenience of your pool schedule, and enjoy one-on-one instruction (or small-group if you bring family or friends.)

Total Course Costs

The total cost for the Ranger program is $400

Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the costs:

  1. On-line / Home Study Materials – $100 The full on-line educational program includes a very professional text/video presentation of scuba academics, an electronic personal dive log, and electronic certification tracking, all immediately accessible by both your PC and any mobile devices you may have.
  2. Pool training – $60 per pool session, and you’ll need 5 of these. These sessions are completed under the patient, watchful direction of our instructors, in our own clean, clear 87-degree pool.

The only additional costs you may encounter would be for your personal snorkeling equipment.

There are some reasonable prerequisites for enrolling in our scuba ranger program:

  • You need to be 8 or older
  • You need to be in basic good health. You will be asked to complete this medical history form and may be directed to get your doctor’s approval if indicated by your history. (There are physician’s guidelines attached to the form if you want to consult with your MD.)
  • You need to be comfortable in water deeper than you are tall. Conditioning is transitory, but basic water comfort is essential to good diving.
  • You need to play well with others. Seriously – diving is a co-operative activity, rather than a competitive one. This is actually a very good thing because if you don’t have any witnesses, no one will believe the adventures you’re going to have…

TO GET STARTED, just give us a call to set up an orientation – 919-255-1931.

During the orientation we will:
  • Get you registered for your online academic program
  • Get your pool sessions set up and arrange for you to meet your instructor
  • Answer any further questions you may have about your training or anything else involving scuba