Welcome Dive Traveler

Welcome, Dive Traveler:

Thank you for signing up for one of our trips. This is probably the most serious letter you will ever receive from Gypsy Divers. We’re entering into a contract here: we are going to provide you with a great vacation and you are going to pay us for it. So we want to communicate clearly to you the obligations involved in traveling with us, and to offer some serious advice on how to prepare for a very fun vacation. Please read this letter carefully.

Trip Application Forms:

We hate paperwork, too, but it’s gotta be done. So you may as well do it now. Fill these forms out completely and return them to us as quickly as possible. Take your time and read what you are signing. Call us if you have any questions. And yes, we need your next of kin, your doctor’s name and phone number. In the highly unlikely event of an accident, we need these documents to assure the best care for you and to make certain that the people you care about and who care about you are immediately informed. Please attach these to the trip application or bring these documents to us and let us make the copies.

YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT, period (unless you’ve signed up for a domestic trip). And you must have it on your person on your days of travel or you will not be traveling. Your passport must also be valid for at least 6 months after the trip return date. Please check this NOW.

Trip Preparation:

This is the important process of preparing to have as much fun as you possibly can while you’re traveling with us. The more prepared you are, the less problems you encounter, the more fun you have. Your diving equipment and your personal dive skills need to be appropriate for the diving planned. If your equipment needs servicing, please note that our normal service turn-around is 10 days. We also offer scuba skills updates every month. And your trip leader may be scheduling one exclusively for your group. Talk to us if we can help here in any way. Further, a lot of our destinations do not have the normal American stuff like convenient, well-stocked pharmacies or grocery stores. And last, only you know what you really like or need to truly enjoy your trip. So consult carefully with us. And please, carry any important medications ON YOUR PERSON. Baggage can get lost.

Trip Payment Schedule:

Your trip may involve a series of payments instead of one payment in full. This information will be detailed in the trip-specific letter and/or on your initial trip invoice. If you want us to simply run your credit card at each payment date, just let us know. If you prefer to mail a check, please post it with enough time to reach us by the payment due date.

Trip / Dive Insurance – EITHER DAN or DiveAssure: 

We believe in this insurance. We ask you to have a current policy and to carry your current card with you when you travel with us. This insurance covers some items not generally covered by normal health insurance. Further, the international assistance available through is invaluable. Further, the trip cancellation aspect can save you a LOT of money in  the event of an unanticipated interruption. Read the following travel policy section carefully:

The travel policies by which we all must live:

  • Airlines: Gypsy does not make your air travel arrangements. Therefore it is important that you understand that you are directly subject to the policies of the airline you are using. Each trip itinerary may involve slightly different policies, but most tickets issued are non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to change penalties. This means that should you need to cancel your trip, you will not be able to get a refund on the airline ticket. You may be able to use the ticket at a later date, or even change destinations, but the airline will assess penalties for this. We can take no responsibility for airline policies, and therefore, we always recommend trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
  • Hotel/Diving Arrangements: Gypsy Divers also acts as intermediary agents for the hotels and dive operations we use. They also have policies beyond our control. These vary more widely than the airlines, but generally involve some sort of penalty, up to a complete forfeiture of all monies paid, for a cancelled trip. So again, we recommend trip cancellation/interruption insurance. Most of our trips are negotiated with the hotel/dive operators based on the number of divers traveling, occupancy patterns, etc. This means that a single group member needing to cancel at the last moment can effect the entire group contract. For this reason, Gypsy Divers has it’s own very ugly cancellation policy plainly written on the trip application form. Please make sure you review this thoroughly as you initial it. Again we recommend trip cancellation insurance.
  • Your Personal Diving Abilities/Attitude: Gypsy Divers always allows those who are running the dive operations we use to retain ultimate control. Logically, they know their diving environment better than occasional visitors (like us) do. It is important that you understand that, even though you are carrying evidence of certification, if these operators believe your diving skills to be so marginal as to compromise your safety, they will not allow you to dive. And Gypsy Divers will stand by their decision. Please make sure your dive skills are adequate for the trip you choose. Call us if you have any questions about this.
  • Our VERY UGLY Cancellation Policy: When a space on a tour is sold, it is removed from our inventory and no further attempts are made to sell that space. Some destinations require a certain group size to guarantee special services and rates. For this reason, ALL TRIP PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, whether or not the trip eventually sells out. If you cancel at any point, your money is forfeited, period. NO exceptions. For this reason, WE STRONGLY ADVISE all of our travelers to obtain trip insurance that includes cancellation. We recommend DAN or DiveAssure.

Thanks for reading this. Again, please call us if you have any questions whatsoever. 919-255-1931. We have a history of over 30 years of running great dive trips and we expect yours to be no different.


The Gypsy Travel Staff

Dave Farrar

Billy Harloff