SCUBA REFRESHERS? ALL the Time! We firmly believe in them.

If you think you may need a SCUBA refresher, then you DO need a SCUBA refresher. Our program is designed to help divers, who haven’t been wet for a while, painlessly remove the rust. It’s all done in the warm

The beat goes on – an exciting change of ownership at Gypsy Divers

The beat goes on… Dave and Margie have sold Gypsy Divers to Billy Harloff and YOU ARE INVITED TO A CELEBRATION! On Saturday, January 26, from 5 until 7 PM at Gypsy. Details Below. (Billy on the left, then Shane,

Getting to know Simon, Gypsy Divers SSI Instructor

My ancestors were fishermen and seaman in Britain, where the sea is ever present and never more than 70 miles away. As far back as I can remember, I have always loved the water and cannot remember when I learned